Jo Jung Suk Reveals Park Bo Young’s Cuteness Can Be Too Much To Handle

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Six long years have passed since the romantic-comedy drama made viewers laugh and giggle at the Oh My Ghostcast cute and funny moments together in the Sun Restaurant. This tvN series ended with the third highest viewership rating among all the other dramas in 2015.

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Truly, it is one of the most remarkable và unforgettable South Korean dramas of all time.

But viewers want to know what the amazingOh My Ghostcast members are up to lớn now. In this menu is the recapitulation of the dramas they did within those six years, and an update of their new projects.

Park Bo Young

In the 2015 hit drama "Oh My Ghost," she starred as an introverted assistant chef in a restaurant who happens khổng lồ see the dead. She then gets possessed by a lustful virgin ghost who loves khổng lồ mess around while looking for the perfect man to fulfill her needs.

After playing the lead role in "Oh My Ghost," she played various different roles in several South Korean hit dramas "Abyss" and "Doom At Your Service."


(Photo : tvN"s Official Instagram)

(Photo : tvN"s Official Instagram)

She gained a lot of attention & popularity in JTBC"s 2017 top-rating drama "Strong Woman vì chưng Bong Soon" with ZE:A"s Park Hyung Sik.

The actress with a youthful glow will come back to lớn the big screen with "Concrete Utopia." Details và release date are yet khổng lồ be announced.

Jo Jung Suk

The actor was 35 years old at the time of "Oh My Ghost" broadcast, và he starred as the cold and uptight Chef Kang Sun Woo who owns Sun Restaurant where mãng cầu Bong Soon (Park Bo Young) works.

He starred in many grossing films, such as "Time Renegade," "Hit-and-Run Squad," "Exit," and "My Annoying Brother" with EXO"s D.O.

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(Photo : tvN)

(Photo : tvN"s Official Twitter)

Jo Jung Suk also appeared in hit dramas "Don"t Dare lớn Dream," "Legend of the blue Sea," & "Nokdu Flower."

He is currently playing the role of Lee Ik Joon in tvN"s hit medical dramedy "Hospital Playlist."

Watch "Hospital Playlist" teaser here:

Kim Seul Gi

The lewd ghost who possessed mãng cầu Bong Soon (Park Bo Young) is played by actress Kim Seul Gi.

After playing the role of a ghost, she made her cameo in numerous top-rating dramas "Love in the Moonlight," "Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo," "Legend of the xanh Sea," và "Hi Bye, Mama!".

(Photo : tvN)

Kim Seul Gi will star in the 2021 drama "Shh, Please Take Care of Him," produced by olleh tv, Seezn, and skylife.

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Shin Hye Sun

Kang Sun Woo"s (Jo Jung Suk) younger sister, who is physically disabled, was played by actress Shin Hye Sun.

Her portrayal of Kang Eun Hee was sterling that she gained praise from it, especially after showing her acting prowess and delving into other roles in new projects.

(Photo : tvN)
(Photo : tvN"s official Instagram)

She appeared in "She Was Pretty," "Legend of the blue Sea," and "Still 17," as well as in movies "Innocence," "Collectors," and "A Day."

The actress recently starred in tvN"s historical-romance drama "Mr. Queen" with Kim Jung Hyun.

Watch "Mr. Queen" trailer here:

Kwak mê say Yang

The pretty boy & muscular assistant chef in Sun Restaurant was played by actor Kwak mê man Yang. He gained popularity after portraying the role of Seo Joon, the mysterious, quiet type among the bunch.

(Photo : Twitter)

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After "Oh My Ghost," he made starred in popular dramas "Fight For My Way," "Chicago Typewriter," và "Alice."

He will be starring in JTBC"s 2021 idol romance drama "Idol: The Coup" with EXID"s Hani.

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