Convert PDF lớn Word, convert PDF files into text while maintaining the format, quality is a basic requirement when users convert PDF lớn DOCX. Please refer to the article to lớn convert PDF into Word easily & still ensure the requirements.

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Convert PDF to Word , convert PDF files into text while maintaining the format, quality is a basic requirement when users convert PDF to lớn DOCX. Please refer lớn the article lớn convert PDF into Word easily and still ensure the requirements.

PDF files are chosen by many people because of their compactness, ease of storage, sharing, and tư vấn of multiple platforms. However, its disadvantage is that it does not allow to interfere with the nội dung that makes it difficult for users to lớn edit. You can use PDF software for direct editing, however, most PDF editing software costs money, such as Adobe Acrobat. Therefore, the best solution is khổng lồ switch from PDF lớn Word for ease of adding và removing content, then need to lớn convert Word to PDF.

With 5 PDF conversion tools to miễn phí Word documents that we introduce below, you vị not need lớn install on your computer, pay nothing, just follow the simple instructions to get the text file you need. Never mind. Of course if you don"t have a regular network, you can use the 6th method to convert PDF lớn Word with software.

Note : If the tệp tin after conversion has Docx extension, you need Word 2007 or later to mở cửa it.

Method 1: Convert PDF to Word thanks to PDF to lớn DOC

Although the name is PDF to lớn DOC, this tool is quite versatile, it can convert PDF to Doc , DOCX, Text, JPG, PNG, PDF file, PDF tệp tin or convert from JPG image lớn PDF, for batch conversion. Especially, Vietnamese language support is very easy to understand.

Step 1: Visit & select the file format you want to lớn transfer


Step 2: Upload PDF tệp tin by clicking Upload Files, can download 1 or more files at the same time

Step 3: Wait for PDF conversion tool to lớn Word format


Step 4: download the file: Choose to tải về each tệp tin or all files in turn


PDF to lớn DOC does the job quickly, DOC tệp tin after converting without errors, remains the same format as the original PDF file.


PDF tệp tin (above) và DOC tệp tin after conversion with PDF lớn DOC

Method 2: Use the PDF to Word transfer tool of Smallpdf

Smallpdf supports conversion between PDF and many other formats, including joining & splitting PDF files. To lớn convert PDF files to lớn Word with Small PDF follow the steps below:

Step 1 : Visit homepage & click PDF khổng lồ Word


Use SmallPDF lớn convert PDF files to Word

Step 2 : At the new interface, click Choose file khổng lồ select the tệp tin from your computer or you can also get it from Dropbox , Google Drive


Step 3 : Wait a few minutes for the conversion to take place


Step 4 : When the conversion process finishes, click Download File to tải về the Word file


Method 3: Use Foxit"s PDF to Word converter

Foxit is famous for Foxit Reader software khổng lồ read PDF for free, in addition it provides a PDF to lớn Word conversion tool online. You can follow the steps below to convert PDF to Word without phông errors or corrupted formatting:

Step 1: Visit:

Step 2: Click Select your file , browse to lớn the converted PDF file, enter thư điện tử to receive the PDF download link after downloading, click Convert Now .


Step 3: Wait for PDF to lớn Word Converter to convert the completed file and send it to you.

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Step 4: xuất hiện the mail, click the Download the document link to download.


Note: The links in the mail is only valid for 24 hours, so try to download the tệp tin as soon as possible. This tool does not retain the image of the original file in the conversion file, but only retains the text and formatting.

Method 4: Convert PDF to lớn Word with the Convert PDF khổng lồ Word tool

Convert PDF to lớn Word tool does the conversion of PDF files khổng lồ Word format (Doc, Docx) & text (TXT) quite quickly, without font errors, without requiring thư điện tử to download. Especially if you need to convert images khổng lồ text, you just need to lớn tick the With OCR function above. Even if there is an error when the image, the insert frame is slightly deviated from the original, but you just need to pull it back a bit. Steps khổng lồ convert PDF files lớn text with this tool are as follows:

Step 2: Select the format to lớn convert PDF files

Step 3: Click Choose file khổng lồ upload the file and wait for the conversion

Step 4: tải về the document after converting khổng lồ the computer

Illustrate the above actions with images:




Method 5: Use the PDF tệp tin conversion tool lớn Word of FormSwift

Note : This tool only converts PDF files into images (not text).

Step 1 : Visit the trang web and click Select a PDF khổng lồ convert khổng lồ select the tệp tin to be converted or dragged directly into the Drag and drop your PDF box here .


Step 2 : In the new interface, you can edit your file such as writing text, deleting text, adding photos, adding signatures và clicking Save


Step 3 : After you have finished editing, click Convert lớn Word Document


Step 4 : After the conversion process ends, the Word tệp tin will be downloaded & located in the Downloads section


Method 6: Transfer PDF lớn Word with software

In addition lớn these online tools, you can use the software to convert PDF to Word quickly và easily, even without a network. Some names can be listed as:

Free PDF lớn Word Doc Converter: Simple, easy khổng lồ use interface, can choose khổng lồ convert all or just a few pages. This software preserves the format & layout of PDF files after converting to lớn Word.Free PDF to Word Converter: Convert PDF files accurately, keep all formats, fonts, graphics, user-friendly interface easy lớn use, tư vấn both DOC and DOCX. On the right-hand side of the main window you can preview the PDF file content with different zoom modes. The conversion process is fast or slow depending on the file size to be processed. On the other hand, this software supports converting many files at once, quite convenient.


Solid PDF khổng lồ Word: tư vấn converting multiple PDF files to lớn Word at the same time, simple interface, easy khổng lồ use.

Quick PDF lớn Word: This tool preserves the layout of documents after converting lớn Word, allowing you to lớn select the page khổng lồ convert.It is highly appreciated by users thanks to lớn the fast conversion speed & file unique after conversion.Support converting PDF files with password protection, just enter the password.

Note: During the conversion process if the PDF file is protected with a password, you will need khổng lồ provide the password for the software or service to continue. If the PDF tệp tin is downloaded from the web page, the password will usually be the URL of the page, if you forget it, you need to reviews where the tệp tin was downloaded to find the password to open it.