In the Pokemon - black Version 2 the Pokemon trainer is in a new region to find new pokemon who were locked in the previous version Pokemon - black Version.

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File Name:6149 - Pokemon black Version 2 (DSi Enhanced)(U)(frieNDS).7z
Year of release:2012
Important!! In order to lớn be able to play this trò chơi you need an emulator installed. See the full danh mục of available Nintendo DS emulators for this game. Pokemon - đen Version 2 ROM download for NDSThe Pokemon black Version 2 is a direct sequel khổng lồ the Pokemon black Version, which is part of the fifth generation of the Pokemon clip games series. The game is developed by game Freak and published by The Pokemon Company và Nintendo.

Game Plot

The game mainly focuses on the legendary Pokemon distinguished by Junichi Masuda as black Kyurem và White Kyurem. Following the events of the first version, the criminal organization Team Plasma has come back as Neo Team Plasma, và the player must prevent their plans throughout the game. Here, the player must even trade between the versions in order to achieve the Pokedex.

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The players here send out their Pokemon khổng lồ lower the health points of the opposing teams while battling. Players achieve this with their Pokemon moves, và they can perform different purposes like debuffing, attacking, and striking status effects.

Best Emulator for Pokemon black Version 2 ROM

For Windows PC, there are few fantastic emulators lượt thích DraStic DS Emulator, which has the option to save states, controllers support, và button mapping. In the case of MAC, Citra Emulator is good as it has Graphic optimization và is highly active.

Similar Games

Even though Pokemon đen Version 2 is a sequel, it has its own new features lớn play và enjoy. Similarly, there are few other games that are related to lớn Pokemon black Version 2, which you might like. Three of them are listed below.