Better Call Saul Season 3 Recap

With season 4 arriving next week, here's a refresher on what happened in Better hotline Saul season 3. Spoilers...

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The conflict between Jimmy và Chuck finally came to lớn a head with the court case that would decide Jimmy’s fate, in which Jimmy, seemingly unwisely, decided lớn act as his own lawyer. In fact, Jimmy had planned the whole thing as a way to expose Chuck’s mental illness khổng lồ both the room và himself, tearing away his brother’s credibility and prompting him lớn explode at the courtroom, delivering a searing monologue that made the depths of his spite and jealousy terribly clear.

One of the best things about Better điện thoại tư vấn Saul is how very well we could always understand Chuck. We might not lượt thích him, but it’s not difficult to lớn see why Jimmy makes him so angry. His bitterness is rooted in something all too human and relatable. Jealousy makes it so easy to cling to lớn the things we think we have over someone, and when that someone seems on their way lớn getting what we have we can fight tooth and nail lớn ensure that doesn’t happen.

Conversely, Jimmy is the more sympathetic character and so what makes the conflict in this show so rich and painful is the fact that we understand both sides with often agonising clarity. But every conflict has to end somewhere và when neither tiệc nhỏ will back down or admit fault, there must be a casualty. By the midpoint of season three Chuck McGill was as defeated as it was possible for him to get. Or so we thought.

After some back và forth subterfuge on both parts, Gus và Mike finally came face khổng lồ face and, despite initial distrust, were quickly on the way to liking and respecting each. Gus firmly stood in the way of Mike killing Hector but offered steady employment as a consolation prize, a prize sweetened by the fact that said employment largely involved crippling Hector. Figuratively speaking.

Literally speaking, Nacho spent the season working towards that very goal, as Hector demanded that the young criminal use his thoroughly decent father’s business as a means of trafficking drugs. With his father’s flat refusal to lớn be a part of it & Hector’s unwillingness to take no for an answer, Nacho was forced lớn act, leading to lớn several fraught scenes of him attempting to lớn replace Hector’s heart pills with fakes that would, in theory, lead lớn the kingpin’s death.


The toll of Jimmy’s attack on his brother’s position became clear as the season went on, with HHM coming lớn see Chuck as a liability, especially when it seemed he was going lớn cost them money he was no longer worth. Chuck’s attempt to lớn sue the company in response to them pushing him out was swiftly countered when Howard, sick of his former partner’s shit, paid out of his own pocket khổng lồ ensure a clean break, in the process leaving Chuck with nowhere lớn turn và nothing to hold on to.

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At a meeting with Gus, căng thẳng got the better of Hector and triggered a heart attack; Nacho’s plan succeeding in every part but Hector’s actual death. And, based on a very cold look from Gus at the end, Nacho’s efforts may not have gone entirely unnoticed as the landscape of the Albuquerque underworld underwent a seismic shift.

Kim, through all of this, had gradually been pushing herself further và further lớn a breaking point, taking on more clients while dealing with the massive Mesa Verde account, trying lớn help Jimmy & mainly sleeping in stolen minutes. As Kim struggled, Jimmy found himself sliding inexorably back towards his old ways as, suspended from being a lawyer, his legal moneymaking options dwindled fast. Jimmy resorted khổng lồ carrying out cons and, ultimately, hit the new low of manipulating an old lady’s friends away from her in order lớn pressure her into signing off on a legal settlement that would net Jimmy a cool one million.

After a severely fatigued Kim crashed her car, Jimmy walked back his scheme with the old ladies, stopping just short of falling into fully fledged Saul Goodman territory. But, in a cruel twist of fate & the darkest turn yet on a very dark show, Chuck deliberately tipped over a lantern in his house, setting the place ablaze and committing suicide.

It’s hard to lớn see the ending as anything other than the catalyst for Jimmy’s ultimate transformation, but trying to predict the turns this show will take has long since proven khổng lồ be a fool’s errand – pretty impressive given the fact that the ultimate ending is spoiled in the title. Season three ended in a precarious place for almost every character, leaving a succession of lingering questions for which the answers are just around the corner.

If your excitement is in check then you’re a stronger person than I.

Better điện thoại tư vấn Saul season four starts on AMC in the US on Monday the 6th of August & on Netflix in the UK one day later.