The Shortest Way To A Woman’s Heart Is Through Her…

by George P.H. on March 29, 2013


They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. And there’s some truth to that, especially if you’re a traditional person. We’re attracted women who can cook and do other womanly things.

But what if you’re a man looking for a way to a woman’s heart?

Common wisdom and Hollywood movies say that girls are won with chocolates, roses and compliments. Unfortunately, this recipe leads to more empty wallets and broken hearts than happy relationships.


Because as crass as it may sound, the shortest way to a woman’s heart is actually…

Through Her Vagina. Yeah, I Said It.

Has a girl you wanted ever picked a real jerk over you? Did she stay with this asshole who treated her badly instead of choosing you: a man who wanted to give her the world?

Most of my clients have gone through this experience and so have I. I think it’s a natural part of becoming a man – and there’s a valuable lesson to be learned from it.

You don’t win a woman over by being the nice guy.

In fact, a lot of my girl friends complain about guys being too nice. They say everything about them feels murky and dishonest. And it is – a lot of men put on an act instead of going for what they want (i.e. sex or romance).

These guys bend over backwards to please their date, buy her – a stranger – a bunch of expensive stuff and worry about her enjoyment more than their own. They think that this will, somehow, get them the girl.

This is just plain weird. Women don’t need to be won over because our interest in each other is mutual. Most of the time, you just need to position yourself as a SEXUAL MAN – and not as a sexless “FRIEND” – to get the girl.

To be more specific, you need to:

  • Be super-clear about what you want. You’re not going to “hang out” – you’re going on a date. You don’t think she’s “cool” – you think she’s hot, sexy, etc. You don’t want to “buy a bag like that for your little sister” – you want to get her number.
  • Touch her (unless you want to end up in the dreaded friend zone).
  • Tell her she looks good, sexy, attractive – whatever – when you really feel that way. If you have the confidence to pull it off, tell her how she’s making you feel and how hard it is to control yourself around her.

But Wait. The Good Stuff Is Yet To Come.

If you’re an adult man, you probably know what it’s like to feel disinterested after sex. Once we ejaculate, the girl we were crazy about minutes earlier isn’t all that exciting anymore. Sounds horrible, I guess, but that’s how we are.

(Don’t feel too bad. This feeling is natural. The hormones in our bodies make us lose interest in a woman after sex and it takes some time to recover.)

Women are the exact opposite way. Their interest in a man strongly increases once they’ve slept with him. This is one of life’s greatest ironies: our interest is strongest before sex, theirs – after it.

Guess how many of my girlfriends have complained about developing feelings for a “friend with benefits”? Every single one who ever HAD a friend with benefits. It’s harder to separate emotions and sex for girls. (Which is partially why women are so selective about who they sleep with).

So if you meet a girl you think is amazing, what should you do? Spend months courting her, buy her a bunch of shit, tell her you love her?


It’s what you want. It’s what she wants. It’s going to make her fall for you, allowing you to move the relationship forward.

Don’t be afraid to shoot first and ask questions later. And definitely don’t become deeply invested into a (potential) romantic relationship before you’ve had sex with the girl. Sex first, rainbows and butterflies second.


The way to a woman’s heart is through being sexual and having sex. There are exceptions – having sex too quickly is a turn-off – but this is a fantastic rule of thumb because most guys are WAY too passive with women.

(Besides, most of you don’t know how to seduce a girl “too quickly”).

Just remember that spider-man line: “With great power comes great responsibility”. Since women are so likely to fall for the guys they sleep with, be careful and avoid messing around with people’s feelings. Be honest, respectful and responsible above everything else.

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