Latin Dating’s 3 F’s: Date Topics That Work For Everyone

by Miranda Santiago on April 26, 2013


People are more or less the same no matter where you go. We have the same dreams; want the same things; enjoy the same activities. 

Having said that, dating women from different cultures can be a big challenge for someone raised in the West. That’s why I was so excited when Miranda Santiago – a psychology major and relationship author – sent me this article. 

Latin girls are great: sexy, feminine and loyal. It’s definitely worth knowing what they like to talk about, especially in the U.S. where there are so many of them. Read on to find out what they like to talk about! 

Miranda enjoys writing about dating topics, appealing specifically to relationships involving Latin Women (who you can meet through this website she recommends). She also enjoys windsurfing, playing the piano and cheering on her favorite baseball teams. 

As a dating advice specialist who deals mainly with Hispanic men and women entangled in the world of Latin dating, I have heard this question a million times: “what am I supposed to talk about on the first date?”

I’ve always answered my clients in ways that appeal specifically to the world of Latin dating, but I realized that the answers I give are actually the answers that I would give to anybody, Latino or not. Why? Because these answers are universal and will provide great conversation for any date. So when fishing for something to talk about on a date, just remember the three F’s:


This one is huge with Hispanic people because most of us come from strong, traditional families – but it’s really a good topic for any date. Everyone has family of some kind, whether it be whoever raised them or the people they consider family now.

You can usually lead in with a question like, “are you very close with your family?”. Since hispanic girls spend so much time with the people they’re close to, they’ll usually have lots of stories and memories to share. Just remember not to press the issue if your date isn’t being receptive!


Again, I pull this one from the world of Latin dating because, like family, friends are an important part of many traditional Latino communities that are now in the United States.  Hispanic girls have traditionally been community-oriented, so they’ll have a lot to say about their friends.

A good, open question that will lead you on to the topic of acquaintances would be something along the lines of: “what type of people do you surround yourself with?” or “what are your friends like?” Of course, don’t ask so many questions that your date thinks you’re more interested in her friends than her – or spends the whole time talking about her inner circle!


This is another one that works pretty well in Hispanic communities, because Latin men and women are generally raised in environments that place value on a good home-cooked meal and enjoy good food. Again, you can use this with anyone – we all eat, after all – as a great lead-in if you’re at a restaurant. All you have to ask is, “what type of food do you like?” Almost everyone has a favorite food, so it’s a good starting point for making conversation.

Things to Avoid

As someone who deals with Latin men and women in her work, I can guarantee the above topics work great. Just remember there are also bad topics that can ruin a first date. I see it too often from men (and women) who watch too much T.V. and try to dazzle their date from the very beginning.

Don’t get me wrong, people want this—just not on the first date. Ease into the date and don’t ask questions that are too personal. Make sure that you listen just as much as you talk,  and try to ask open-ended questions (questions that require more than a “yes” or “no” answer).

Ultimately, when all else fails, just be yourself and talk about what interests you. After the first couple of bumps in the road, the conversation should begin to flow naturally, all the way up until the point when you ask for a second date because the first one was so wonderful!

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